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Friday, 16 January 2009

Best Careers 2009: UX, IxD and IA. Hooray!!

US. News & World Report named Usability Experience Specialist as one of the best careers for 2009. At the start of the article the author lists all the other job title variations this profession uses. I consider myself an Interaction Designer, but my official title is Information Architect. Dan Saffer created a good model of the wide range of UX disciplines.

Whatever you call them, their job is to help ensure that products, especially technical ones, are easy and pleasurable to use.

I am concerned though that the articles does focus much more on evaluation and research and completely skips over design.

You write a report summarizing what you've learned. Then, engineers develop a prototype of the product that comes closest to meeting both the company's and the surgeons' desires.

In between these two sentences is a HUGE step - the design phase where the research is analyzed and converted into solutions that the engineering team can then build. This is where the iPod comes from instead of just another MP3 player.


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