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Monday, 14 April 2008

Effective Prototyping Methods

The following are notes from the Interaction08 session - Effective Prototyping Methods, presented by Jonathan Arnowitz of SAP Labs.

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  • Sketching v.s Prototyping: not a dichotomy but a continuum
  • Start 90% sketching, end 90% prototyping
  • Everyone can prototype, prototyping is not always design, it's communication
  • Transparency of the design process
  • Don't start knowing exactly where you want to go, it's about making errors and fixing them quickly
  • Exercise: define prototype = we all had different definitions
  • Prototype = model of a design that is complete or incomplete, but is specific
  • Most important design artifact in a software project
  • Need to determine right level of specificity (phase of the project, audience, etc.)
  • Everyone can prototype, as long as 1 person is in the driver seat
  • Use the tool you know best
  • Exercise: quick prototype of 1 screen of a contact system; we all made assumptions about the product
  • Process: Understand users > Design UIs > Prototype > Ensure Usability
  • Helps to verify requirements
  • Select design criteria: ex. users should feel in control, speak the user's language, minimize user's memory load
  • "Squishy", need to use your gut
  • After prototype is done, set an expiration date on it and plan for that, communicate to stakeholders


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