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Thursday, 24 July 2003

data vs. information vs. knowledge

great comment to a post on idblog discussing the difference between information and knowledge:

Data=information lacking structure (for instance the alphabet is data) Information=data with structure (a word, a sentence etc.)

Those two definitions I'm pretty comfortable with. Using those definitions I then find it very ironic that Information Technology really about moving and managing "Data". And knowledge management has, in the vast majority of cases, been about moving and managing "Information".

As for knowledge, I've used a working definition information with context is knowledge. I'm not super comfortable with that, but hey. Larry Prusak, who I think is one of the most pragmatic KM gurus, said "knowledge is what a knower knows" and that's that.

Inspired by Liz Sanders point about designing Experience is impossible but we can create scaffolds for people to have experiences in/with. Then KM is really about putting structures in place that are contusive to the creation and use of knowledge.

a post on experience curve quotes some definitions from a journal article:

data=points of reality;

information=organised data; and

knowledge=information, context and experience.


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Nice post,
Great explanation of the differences between data, information and knowledge,
Thanks for bringing this up

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